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Green Screen Filming Studios

Green screen filming studios from Immersive AV allow presenters to be filmed in a studio space, with the background replaced with virtual content.

Imagine your virtual event, hosted by a presenter immersed in a virtual environment, with unparalleled levels of interactivity. The green screen filming technique brings Hollywood technology to corporate events, and makes anything possible.

An ideal option for virtual conferences and events, our green screen filming studios are a full-service solution guaranteed to get you noticed. Staffed by an experienced team of experts using the latest technology—our team will never let you down.

Person in green screen filming studios from Immersive AV

Benefits: Green Screen Filming Studios

  • Easily place your presenters in an impressive background.
  • More cost-effective than building a branded studio space or travelling to various destinations.
  • Complete control over branding the final stream.
  • A versatile way of capturing video content. Don’t like the background? Change it for anything using the green screen keying technology.
  • Remote speaker green screens are an affordable method of immersing remote presenters into your virtual production.

Thales virtual conference virtual set and green screen filming studios by Immersive AV

All StudioX locations are equipped with green screen functionality, with a physical green screen in the studio space and the technology enabling us to ‘key out’, or remove the green and replace it with the chosen content. We also have pop-up green screen systems, which can be used by remote presenters using their own devices in the comfort and safety of their own home/office.

Our experienced streaming engineers have produced dozens of green screen productions for brands such as Thales and Inmarsat. We use high-end HD or 4K cameras to capture video content in the highest quality. 

The green screen is lit with studio lighting, balanced with a digital light meter to achieve equal luminosity of the colour green throughout the set. We use media servers such as Disguise to replace the green areas with virtual content. The environment we add in can be virtually anything. We can augment the green areas with virtual content created in generative content engines such as Notch or Unreal Engine.

An insight into the green screen filming studios from Immersive AV

A green screen production is the perfect centrepiece for your virtual or hybrid event. Supported by our stream management services, we can take care of all your streaming needs and help you reach your greatest audience.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help deliver the wow factor for your next event.