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Hybrid Events

Hybrid events combine both virtual and physical elements. As the world adapts to the restrictions resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, most event organisers have chosen to produce virtual or online events. As these restrictions are eased and physical events start happening again, why not add a virtual element to your physical event?

xr Studios from Immersive AV

Our Services for Hybrid Events

With comprehensive experience in both live and virtual events, Immersive AV are your ideal hybrid event technical production specialist.

Our live event technical production services cover all production requirements for the live element of your hybrid event. From developing the concepts that will help you maximise customer engagement to the provision of specialist crew and all the technical equipment required to deliver a memorable event.

Additionally, our virtual event production expertise will enrich your hybrid event with cutting-edge virtual event technology. The options are virtually limitless: we can recreate your event in a 3D virtual world which can be easily accessed by users all over the world. We can live stream content to a global audience. We can also combine emerging technologies such as xR experiences to import remote presenters to your live event. 

Xerox for M-is using Immersive AV xR studios

Whatever your hybrid requirements, we have a portfolio of technical and creative solutions which will exceed your expectations.

If you already have a venue for your hybrid event, great—we can make the magic happen right where you are. If you’re looking for a suitable hybrid event venue, we have arrangements with numerous venues, including a purpose-built hybrid event space at CCT Venues Bank Street, East London.

Our team would be delighted to discuss your hybrid event requirements. Call us on 01952 686 900 or email enquiries@immersiveav.com

Benefits of a hybrid event

  • Reach a greater audience with an online audience alongside your physical event.
  • An insurance policy against future lockdowns or restrictions—even if your physical event cannot happen, the virtual element can.
  • Generate additional revenue by selling advertising space to sponsors, or charging for virtual attendance.
  • Provide a platform for people to participate in your event virtually, who don’t feel comfortable attending in person.