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Hybrid Event Technical Production

If you’re planning a hybrid event, you’ll need a hybrid event technical production partner with innovation at the core of their business. Immersive AV’s pedigree of producing interactive solutions for live and virtual events puts us in a prime position to combine the two and create memorable experiences for hybrid events.

The definition of a hybrid event is clear—a fusion of live and virtual elements, brought together in a single event. But how do you integrate the two groups of delegates to achieve a unified experience?

Although ‘hybrid’ is the buzzword for 2021, how many people truly understand what hybrid means, and what the true potential of hybrid events is?

The Benefit of Hybrid Events

  • Realise the potential of your event by making it accessible to everyone, everywhere, all the time.
  • Create an additional revenue stream by selling advertising and sponsorship for the virtual element of your event.
  • Create a value-added experience for attendees at your in-person event, where all your guests are VIPs.
  • All content available, all the time—giving you a wealth of content for marketing and post-event lead generation.
  • An insurance policy against covid restrictions. Your virtual event will be able to go ahead, even if restrictions prevent the live event from doing so.

A Hybrid Event Partner You Can Trust

Why should you trust Immersive AV as your hybrid event supplier?

Trust us because when the event industry came to a standstill, rather than go into hibernation, we harnessed the spirit of innovation. We listened to our clients and developed a portfolio of solutions which enabled them to keep their customers connected with their audience. We expanded our team of developers from two to six—facilitating the development of virtual environments for brands such as the RAF and Supermicro.

We invested heavily in streaming technology, creating a nationwide network of live streaming studios, utilising emerging technologies such as extended reality (xR), as well as existing content creation methods like green screen filming. Our virtual and streaming departments compliment each other by enabling us to immerse remote presenters in a virtual environment.

Our heritage in live events speaks for itself. Immersive AV has an enviable pedigree of delivering engaging tech experiences on the biggest stages. We’ve worked with leading agencies to create game-changing interactive experiences for brands such as Adidas, Huawei, Pepsi and Direct Line.

Our teams are driven by the excitement of emerging technology—hybrid events present an untapped opportunity for event organisers and exhibitors to realise their maximal potential.

The possibilities of how to engage customers at hybrid events are virtually limitless, please call us on 01952 953 500 or email enquiries@immersiveav.com and we’ll talk through the options of how together we can create a hybrid event which exceeds your boldest expectations.