Live Event Technical Production Services | Immersive AV

Immersive AV provide live event technical production services which enhance brand recognition and customer engagement at live events.

Passionate about using technology to create memorable experiences, we’re a full-service technical production supplier you can rely on to take care of all your live event technical production needs.

Immersive Experiences for Live Events

Specialists at creating interactive experiences for live events, Immersive AV have a suite of solutions to bring your event to life. By combining established methods of communication with emerging technologies, our solutions transcend the traditional boundaries between digital and physical to attract more people to your space and maximise user engagement.

Examples of our experiential installations include: interactive touch walls, projection mapping, generative content, interactive brand theming, large scale interactive video displays and other scalable interactions between tangible technology and creative digital content.

Consultation and Concept Development

Our event technologists will work hand in hand with your creative team to develop a concept which really delivers the wow factor!

Your Immersive AV Account Manager will be the primary point of contact and oversee all aspects of the project. The Account Manager will be supported by a Project Manager, who will look after all technical and logistical aspects of your event.

We’re established at contributing to the creative stage of concept development and have a lot of ideas to bring to the table. We always start with a blank sheet of paper, creating interactive solutions to satisfy your specific needs, rather than shoehorning an existing solution into the brief.

Live event technical production services visualisation from Immersive AV

Live Event Pre-production Services

Our live event pre-production services are second to none. We recognise that effective planning and preparation delivers exceptional results every time. All our projects undergo a process of technical planning, which includes CAD illustrations and 3D visualisations of the project.

Our event planning department will take care of all administrative and logistical needs, including the allocation of specialist technical crew, who are all experts with the technology on your project.

Onsite Live Event Technical Production Services

We have all bases covered from equipment and onsite resources perspective. We stock a broad range of technology products, from leading edge technology manufacturers such as Disguise, Notch, Barco and Absen. Our concepts aren’t merely ideas, but proven solutions which undergo rigorous R&D processes in our Telford Technology Hub.

All projects are overseen by a Project Manager, who will manage the pre-production process and lead the team on site. The Immersive AV Project Manager links our team to yours, ensuring your vision is realised and you’re kept up to speed with important developments.

Our pool of event crew includes Technical Managers, Riggers, Audio Engineers, Media Server Programmers, LED Screen Specialists, IT Experts, Network Engineers, Vision Mixers, Show Callers, and all the relevant support crew to guarantee a glitch-free live event experience.

When the build is complete and the show starts, you can count on our unconditional support. The Immersive AV team will provide around the clock technical support, and have the resources available to deal with all unexpected complications.

Live event technical production services from Immersive AV

Post Event Aftercare

When the show stops, we don’t!

We have a portfolio of post-event support services, such as content editing and data processing. We take pride in maintaining exceptionally high levels of customer service and encourage feedback from all projects. The Account Manager looking after your project will initiate an event debrief, enabling us both to continually improve the event experience for your customers.

We recognise the importance of data and analytics for you to accurately assess the return on investment of your event. Our digital solutions collect usage and engagement data. We also have technology which can record how many people visit your space, and other metrics such as the average dwell time. We’ll furnish you with all the information needed to evaluate the success of your live event.

Event technical production services aftercare from Immersive AV

Why Choose our Live Event Technical Production Services?

  • Our services are always developed to fit your brief like a glove. We won’t palm you off with a second-hand solution.
  • With over 20 years of experience, we have a thorough understanding of all technical production needs—from concept development and the allocation of technology, through to the onsite delivery and post-event aftercare.
  • We only use expert crew, with extensive experience of the technology they’re responsible for. We assign specialists to every project, based on their knowledge and expertise.
  • We’re geeks and we’re proud of it. Our specialists never stop learning and trying new things. This level of continual innovation enables us to utilise emerging technology before it becomes mainstream.
  • We love the details. The bigger picture is always our end goal, but even the biggest picture is made up of tiny pixels—all of which need to function perfectly to create a flawless image.