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Clients who enlist our virtual event production services benefit from a wealth of experience, gleaned from creating virtual events for brands such as Knorr, Supermicro and Thales.

Liberated from the restraints of a physical event, a virtual event enables you to curate the visitor experience to suit your event marketing objectives. Virtual events present an unparalleled opportunity to make a big impact which delivers tangible results.

Engaging Virtual Event Experiences

Immersive AV create interactive virtual experiences which enhance brand engagement.

From virtual events within 3D navigable environments, to interactive streaming platforms and online conference solutions—the world of virtual events is an interactive blank canvas.

Our virtual event environments don’t just look pretty, they’re a gateway to a virtual world of unparalleled interactivity.

With options such as live virtual chat, where your team members appear within the 3D environment, to interactive hotspots which users can click to access digital content such as PDFs, videos and web pages. The facets of interactivity are virtually limitless.

Consultation and Concept Development

Rather than simply working for our clients, we work with them. We’ll be an extension to your team, working towards a common goal. Your objectives are our objectives. We approach each new project with a blank sheet of paper. The concepts we create together will be bespoke to your brief, and not simply a recycled solution from a previous project.

With dozens of virtual events for brands such as Travis Perkins, Autodesk and Knorr in our portfolio—our event technologists will use real-world experience to guide you through the concept development stage to ensure we create a memorable experience which achieves everything you need it to.

Virtual event production services for Knorr by Immersive AV

Virtual Event Pre-Production Services

As soon as the project is confirmed, an Immersive AV Digital Project Manager will be assigned to the project, who will oversee all technical details and creative content development. 

The Digital Project Manager will assign milestone completion dates and deadlines for the submission of digital assets, as well as providing regular progress updates. We recognise the importance of a thorough pre-production process and leave nothing to chance.

Content Development

Our inhouse content development team are specialists at creating audience focused content which encourages engagement. Our developers use the latest software and 3D gaming engines to create jaw-dropping digital experiences which disrupt people’s attention of what to expect from a virtual event.

Our developers work in close collaboration with our event planners, who compliment the process with over 20 years experience of delivering memorable events.

We’ll provide you with regular updates, visualisations and experience videos throughout the content development stage.

Virtual event production from Immersive AV for the RAF

Virtual Event Production Technicians

Whatever your virtual event crewing needs, we have a pool of specialists on hand to ensure your virtual event runs without a hitch.

Our content team will be on hand to provide technical support throughout the duration of your virtual event.

If you’re live streaming your virtual event, you have access to our extensive team of streaming engineers. Having produced a wealth of live streamed events over the past year, our team includes vMix operators, media server programmers, audio engineers, and xR workflow specialists, and technical crew with every area of expertise required to successfully deliver a live streamed event.

As with all aspects of your virtual event production, the crewing resources will be tied together by the Digital Project Manager assigned to your project.

Post Event Aftercare

We’re committed to our involvement in your virtual event, even after the last delegate has closed their browser. We’ll work with you to supply all the information you need to assess the ROI of your virtual event.

All our virtual events come with a complimentary data & insights package, which furnishes you with a wide range of analytics including number of visitors, average session duration and the geographic location of each visitor. If you have interactive hotspots, we’ll give you the data on what’s been clicked and when.

Additionally, the Account Manager overseeing your project will schedule a post-event debrief, so all parties’ thoughts are aligned on how the event went and what lessons can be learnt for future projects.

Virtual event production services for Supermicro from Immersive AV

Types of Virtual Event

  • Virtual conferences and summits
  • 3D virtual experience centres
  • Live streamed conferences
  • Virtual exhibitions and trade shows 
  • Live streamed webinars

Why Choose our Virtual Event Production Services?

  • We aim to redefine your perception of virtual events. Our virtual event experiences aren’t created around what has been done, but what can be done. We’re reimagining the art of the possible.
  • Our virtual event solutions are tailored to satisfy your exact requirements. The concepts we present will be unique to your brief, tailored to meet your specific demands.
  • Our developers are obsessed with innovation and new technology. You can be confident Immersive AV developers will create a virtual experience which is as stable and secure as it is interactive and jaw-droppingly impressive.
  • The bigger picture is always at the forefront of our thoughts—but we recognise the importance of all the tiny details, without which there would be no bigger picture.
  • By trusting Immersive AV with your virtual event, you’ll be harnessing over 20 years experience of delivering world class events across live and online platforms.