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Mission Statement

At Immersive AV, we are dedicated to pioneering technology solutions to promote more sustainable event practices. Recognising the critical role of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste in our industry, we aim to integrate cutting-edge, low-impact technologies and modular event design into all our projects.

Our team works diligently to foster collaborative relationships with clients and suppliers emphasising the importance of shared environmental responsibility and finding solutions to limit our collective impact.

We understand that technology is not just the heart of an event; it’s a powerful tool for environmental stewardship. Through our efforts, we aim to lead by example and inspire change.

Policy Statement

We are aiming for Net Zero by 2050, to align with the Paris Agreement and will support our clients and suppliers on this pathway.

Our policy demonstrates our commitment, breaking down our actions as a business into three categories:

1. Reducing our GHG Emissions
2. Reducing our waste
3. Fostering collaboration and change with our clients, suppliers and staff

The goal of this policy is to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the key initiatives and strategies we have implemented, or are implementing, to address our environmental impact and achieve policy goals. This policy should serve as a reference point to guide business decisions for all staff and ensure alignment and collaboration across Immersive AV.

Reducing our GHG Emissions

At Immersive AV, we have identified our key emission hotspots; travel, transportation and energy use.

Through strategic planning, we aim to minimise the environmental impact of our employee travel as well as event transport.

We are also taking steps to reduce the energy usage of our leased premises and employ energy conservation practices in our offices and warehouses.

Employee Travel:

  • We incentivise the use of electric vehicles through our Octopus electric car scheme and the installation of an electric charging point at our office.
  • Our company vehicle fleet includes an electric car for all staff to use which is supplemented by a car pool scheme.
  • We promote low impact commuting with a ride-to-work scheme.

Event Transport:

  • Immersive AV operates six hubs across the country for storing equipment and works in partnership with other suppliers to condense loads.
  • Our transport routes are meticulously planned for efficiency, focusing on the fewest miles travelled to minimise fuel usage.
  • Our fleet includes a ULEZ compliant van, aligning with our low-emission goals.
  • We have an extensive local database of freelancers and endeavour to provide local crew for events minimising travel emissions and supporting the local economy.

Office and Warehouse Operations:

  • Our office inTelford is transitioning to LED lighting. We aim to have our lighting LED by Autumn 2024.
  • We use energy-efficient kitchen equipment.
  • All company computers are laptops, we ensure everything is turned off after hours.
  • Our office heating operates on timers to reduce energy use.
  • Sensor lighting is used throughout the building.

To support our pathway to Net Zero we will build on these initiatives by:

  • Measuring and reporting on our overall travel emissions from 2025.
  • Switching to a renewable tariff in our warehouse and office by 2024 and continually working with our landlord to improve site sustainability.
  • Having a 100% electric fleet by 2026.
  • Continually evaluating and optimising hub locations.
  • Introducing an event travel policy by mid 2024. It will prioritise load consolidation, transport efficiency and emission reductions and extend to employee business travel.
  • Reviewing kitchen and office equipment for energy efficiency yearly.


Reduction of waste

Integral to our environmental policy is our commitment to reducing waste and promotion of modular design for exhibitions through our partnership with beMatrix. By rethinking event design, we aim to minimise waste and promote the reuse and recycling of materials.

Encouraging modular design and digital solutions:

  • We prioritise digital solutions over physical graphics, actively encouraging our clients to rethink the need for single-use items.
  • We offer free storage for reusable graphics, and collaborate with for repurposing graphics otherwise destined for landfill.
  • We work with beMatrix for our stand builds, supporting modular, reusable exhibition and event building. We no longer cater to client requests for traditional timber exhibition stands.
  • Our commitment extends to repurposing materials like set wraps, flight cases from lost and irreparable equipment.
  • We use rechargeable batteries for all equipment that accepts rechargeable batteries. Where single use batteries are in place we recycle them.

Onward-life for our equipment:

  • No Immersive AV equipment ends up in landfill. We have partnerships with the local community and external organisations to support this initiative.
  • Equipment that can’t be resold is donated to community projects including community centres, village halls and charity organisations.
  • We’ve partnered with Midlands IT Recycling Ltd who extract precious materials from damaged items
  • Items that cannot be re-homed within our local community are donated to Midlands IT Recycling Ltd who works with projects in South Africa.

Waste Disposal:

  • We work with Cartwrights Waste Disposal who prioritise recycling and have a zero-to-landfill commitment.

To support our pathway to Net Zero we will build on these initiatives by:

  • Monitoring and reporting on our annual waste footprint and diversion systems. We aim to have the correct processes in place in 2024 to begin measurement in 2025.
  • We will use this data to set reduction targets by 2026.
  • Implementing zero-waste packaging for all our equipment deliveries, ensuring that materials are either fully recyclable or reusable by 2026.


Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration with clients, suppliers, and staff are pivotal in driving forward our sustainability agenda. By fostering a culture of shared responsibility and knowledge exchange, we empower all stakeholders to contribute to the environmental goals and actions outlined in this policy.


  • With each client brief and project, sustainable event practices are always discussed from the outset. We do this by highlighting all of Immersive AV sustainability thinking and available resources
  • We propose digital solutions, eliminating the need for single-use items.


  • We collaborate across the supply chain to share knowledge and best practices.
  • As BePartner’s we prioritise working within the ecosystem with an understanding other BePartner’s align with our objectives.

Staff Engagement:

  • Sustainability updates are regularly communicated in meetings at all levels, ensuring a company-wide commitment to our environmental goals.
  • As isla members we are able to provide training and resources to support our staff development.

To support our pathway to Net Zero we will build on these initiatives by:

  • Continuing to conduct regular training sessions to keep staff updated on the latest initiatives and innovations.
  • Supporting our clients by providing emission data for their projects.



In 2024, the Operations Team will establish a process to measure our annual emissions from staff commutes to office work, meetings and events as well as company transport, office energy and waste. This will be rolled out to the Projects Department at Immersive AV to test the approach and will be reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure the process is effective. It will then be rolled out company wide in 2025 to support our baseline measurement aims.

Once we have a baseline, we will create a reduction strategy in line with our Net Zero 2050 ambition.


Achieving and maintaining industry accreditations is a testament to our dedication to environmental goals. These accreditations not only reflect our commitment but also keep us aligned with the best practices and standards in environmental sustainability.

  • We are isla members, taking part in relevant forums, working groups and roundtables.
  • We are ESSA accredited and are aiming to reach tier 5 accreditation in 2024.
  • Our goal is to achieve ISO14001, ISO20121, and ISO9001 accreditations by 2024. We are committed to delivering ISO training to all staff, developing new process. documentation, and conducting internal audits.



The Senior Leadership Team at Immersive will be accountable for meeting targets and ensuring compliance with this policy.

We adopt a leadership-driven approach to environmental stewardship, with all Immersive AV employees, freelancers, contractors, and suppliers expected to be well-informed and actively involved in implementing this policy.

Review Process:

This policy will be reviewed every six months by Scott Holman to ensure it remains up-to-date and effective. The review will consider new technologies, regulatory changes, learnings from our operations and industry developments. This regular reassessment ensures that our policy continuously evolves, reflecting the latest in environmental sustainability best practices and aligning with our commitment to Net Zero by 2050.

Signed off
The below named person takes responsibility for coordinating the review of this policy, engaging all stakeholders in the process:

Scott Holman
Commercial Director

With full support of:

Sharon Reynolds