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Adidas Experiential Retail Installation

How do you generate a buzz in store, when footfall is at an all time low because of a global pandemic? Adidas wanted to set the standard for what an experiential retail installation could achieve. Working with The Marketing Store, Immersive AV helped Adidas attract more customers through the doors and keep them inside for longer with some clever tech experiences.

Experiential retail installation for Adidas by Immersive AV

Experiential retail installation for Adidas by Immersive AVChallenge

When experiential retail specialists The Marketing Store were tasked with creating an interactive brand experience at Adidas’ flagship store on Oxford Street, they enlisted the technical production services of Immersive AV to produce a semi-permanent installation that would attract attention and maximise customer engagement.

The theme of the store takeover was the heightened sense of speed, to promote the launch of the new Adidas x Ghosted football boot. The brief from our client was to create several immersive environments throughout the store, which would portray a physical representation of speed for shoppers to interact with.


Audience engagement was a key element of all our solutions for Adidas. One of the most eye-catching installations was an automated lighting animation with nine transparent screens, with images of footballer Mo Salah which were illuminated sequentially and created an illusion of the Liverpool striker sprinting through the store.

We also created interactive content for a ghost wall, which displayed an animated visualisation of speed on a video wall. Users triggered generative content via movement sensors, generating an avatar which raced across the screen in real time.

Elsewhere, Immersive AV accessorised Adidas mannequins with digital goggles, displaying a custom animation, and provided atmospheric lighting and audio around the store.

Experiential retail installation for Adidas by Immersive AV

Experiential retail installation for Adidas by Immersive AVResult

The experience was installed in the store for six weeks, attracting a lot of attention and generating a palpable buzz on social media.

From the crowd-gathering ghost wall, to Mo Salah racing through the store in a 21st Century take on flipbook animation—our experiential retail installation with The Marketing Store for Adidas was a roaring success.

One of the reasons for commissioning the installation was to offset the reduced footfall in the store due to the pandemic. Both Adidas and The Marketing Store were delighted with the enhanced levels of shopper engagement.