To mark the launch of their latest offering to the UK’s smartphone market, Huawei wanted to use the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to show the impressive capabilities of the Mate 20 Pro, and demonstrate how user friendly high-end technology can be.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the most intelligent smartphone that Huawei has produced to date, so the company wanted to push the realms of AI to see if it was able to solve a complex puzzle.

They approached Kerve, a leading digital design agency specialising in bringing experiential marketing plans to life and encouraging the audience to participate in activities, to help them develop a relationship with a brand that is likely to lead to higher sales.


Immersive AV partnered with Kerve to be able to develop a giant Rubik’s Cube. This was created using some of the industries leading LED technology, which was programmed using a sophisticated AI sequences to help users solve this take on the classic puzzle; something which mathematicians have long debated over.

After looking at many different algorithms, none of them were really adequate enough to solve the puzzle, so the team trained a Tensorflow model to use AI to help the user solve the puzzle with as few moves as possible.

After several months of planning, building and testing the software to make something revolutionary for a revolutionary phone, the Rubiks Cube was ready to be taken out of the lab and into the field.


By using the latest AI technology incorporated in the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro, visitors were invited to London’s South Bank to try to solve the 4.6 metre high LED Rubik’s Cube, designed and constructed by Kerve and Immersive AV.

The Mate 20 Pro has an innovative integrated chip which utilizes the dual AI capacity to work seamlessly with the App to give the user hints and tips on which move will help them solve this take on the classic puzzle.

The experiential installation gave the users an unique opportunity to get hands-on with the latest AI technology.

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