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Huawei Interactive Rubik’s Cube

When Huawei launched their latest smartphone, they wanted to create a spectacle and get people talking. Working with Kerve Creative, Immersive AV designed and built a 4.5M high interactive Rubik’s cube which used the device’s groundbreaking AI to help users complete the famously difficult puzzle. That got people talking!

Huawei interactive Rubik's cube by Immersive AV

Huawei interactive Rubik's cube by Immersive AVChallenge

Tasked with creating an interactive spectacle for the launch of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Kerve Creative utilised event production services from Immersive AV to bring their ambitions to life. What better way to demonstrate the Mate 20 Pro’s ground-breaking AI capabilities than to use it to help solve a Rubik’s Cube, a conundrum with 43 quintillion possible combinations? The challenge was to design and build a digital Rubik’s cube, providing the systems integration to connect it to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, allowing members of the public to interact with the cube over a two-day period on London’s Southbank.


Immersive AV provided all the technical support to assist Kerve Creative achieving their ambitions. The most visual element of the installation was the 3M3 Rubik’s cube, which standing at 4.6M tall was sure to attract attention. We designed and built the framework for the cube, using Unilumin 4.8mm LED panels to portray the coloured squares of the Rubik’s cube. The installation was active for 10 hours a day, so needed to be reliable and weatherproof. We took care of all systems integration needs, using ultra-high spec computers to connect the Huawei Mate 20 Pro via a temporary wireless internet connection, provided by Immersive AV. Kerve developed an app, which offered prompts to help users complete the cube far quicker than they would be able to without the game-changing AI of the Mate 20 Pro.

Huawei interactive Rubik's cube by Immersive AV

Huawei interactive Rubik's cube by Immersive AVResult

The brightly-lit Rubik’s cube was visible from a distance along both banks of the River Thames, attracting attention as an interactive beacon of the Huawei brand. Thousands of passers by stopped to look at the cube, with the app registering hundreds of different interactions from Huawei customers engaging with the experience. As well as generating an enviable amount of attention to people actually there, the impact resonated across social media too, with brand ambassador, Georgia Toffolo from Made in Chelsea attracting 50,000 likes to a post on her personal instagram profile.