Immersive AV was approached by Giant Cookie & Fuse to develop a bespoke interactive experience for Lays and Pepsi within the Fanzone at the Champions League Final in Madrid. The experience needed to promote the Lays brand as well as communicate and engage with a wide array of football fans.


We created two technical elements for the fan zone experience. The first was an outdoor 3.9mm LED wall, which needed to be robust enough to deal with the 40 degree heat and still be visable during afternoon periods where sunlight was directly hitting. For this we chose Absen’s Polaris Pro series LED and it performed incredibly. The LED was used to display Lay’s unique branding as well as interact with the queuing fans via an Intel Realsense camera and Python script.

Inside the experience we produced a 7m x 2.5m completely bespoke interactive wall. Working closely with Pepsico and our production partners we created a 12 point conductive ink wall which was animated by two blended UST Epson projectors. Each touchpoint highlighted something unique about the brand and also the Champions League competition. Working collaboratively with our partners, ensured brand guidelines were adhered to as we development the graphical mural as well as 12 individual animations. The touch points were activated via capacity touch sensors which fed into arduino to register a active or inactive state. From this point we developed a technical handshake between Arduino & Pandora’s Box Widget Designer. Via the Pandoras Box software we are able to trigger up to 12 seperate video timelines as outputs to the projectors dependant on which touchpoint was interacted with and at what time. A real blur between the analogue and digital worlds, creating a sense of surprise.


All of the technology solutions deployed were a resounding success and fulfilled the client brief fully. Heavily used throughout the Fanzone open days all the experiences performed well and provided fans with a sense of excitement and most importantly fun!

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