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Thales Virtual Conference

Immersive AV provided green screen studio facilities, virtual set integration and stream management services for the Thales virtual conference.

Aerospace manufacturer Thales and their experiential agency First Event enlisted Immersive AV and the StudioX team to produce the technical and creative elements of their senior leadership conference 2021.

Virtual conference set implemented using green screen and vMix technology by Immersive AV

An Immersive AV streaming engineer operating the Thales virtual conferenceChallenge

Thales were keen to utilise a high-end virtual conference environment for their senior leadership conference 2021. The solution required a studio space with the ability to incorporate a virtual set and add remote speakers to the conference at specific points. The stream needed to be output through a secure platform to an online audience of 100 members of the Thales management team.


A green screen was the most versatile solution to bring the Thales virtual conference to life. We used a concave 16M wide, floor to ceiling green screen studio in our Telford StudioX facility. 

Up to three presenters appeared on stage at any given time, with two fixed position cameras capturing footage against the green screen. We lit the green screen studio with daylight balanced lighting fixtures, focussed with a digital colour spectrum analyser to ensure equal luminosity across the green surfaces, resulting in an even green throughout the set. This made keying out the green surfaces during real-time rendering a far more efficient process.

Thales virtual conference set implemented using green screen and vMix technology by Immersive AV

The camera feed was processed in Disguise, replacing the green background with a virtual environment built in Notch. PowerPoint presentations displayed on a virtual screen were also processed through Disguise, with the rendered output fed into vMix. Holding slides, pre-recorded VTs, transitions and lower third graphics were all processed in vMix, which also added three remote presenters to the stream.

The final output was streamed through as a private video through the client’s Vimeo account, which included a chat box for viewers to pose questions to the presenters.

Thales virtual conference testimonial for Immersive AV

ResultThales virtual conference production by Immersive AV

The two hour virtual production was enjoyed by everyone who took part in it, both presenters and viewers alike. The online event was viewed by 100 members of the Thales management team, who each received email invitations to the event. 

The presenters delivered their keynotes flawlessly and the chat box function enabled delegates to ask a variety of questions, which were answered by the panellists before the CEO’s closing statement.







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