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Reset Connect London bridges the gap between sustainability change-makers, business leaders, government and funding. Held at the ExCeL, the event showcased the traction in the industry around sustainability, providing present and future net-zero business solutions.

Constantly looking for ways of reducing their carbon footprint, improving their net-zero credentials and harnessing climate-friendly solutions, Immersive AV offers a variety of sustainable solutions to its clients. IIn alignment with the principles of this event, we used the key elements of sustainability in our working practices.

The initial request was to provide three large TED talk-style theatres located in an open environment. The main challenge was to find a way to differentiate between the three theatres. Accomplished by using sustainable methods to create an ambience without the use of single-use materials or signage that would end up in waste post-event, this challenge was fulfilled using technology. 

The main conference theatre featured a 6m x 3m LED backdrop screen with six additional flown banner-style displays to highlight the 150+ speakers. The display was separated to create an eye-catching and custom-built backdrop, using the middle screen for the content. Each of the two other conference theatres located on either side of the main theatre had 4m x 2m flown banner screens. The sides of the LED were used to create an atmosphere, additionally presenting unique content produced, created with Immersive AV’s assistance. 

Theatre-specific lighting assisted in the visual identification of the separate areas complementing the uplighters and additional LED panels programmed to illuminate in brand colours. Because the theatres and hubs were all in one large open space, the potential for sound encroachment into other areas required intelligent soundscaping. 

Rechargeable silent disco/conference headsets were provided to every conference guest, switchable to the individual theatre and breakout room channels, enabling each attendee to retain and utilise the same set of headphones for the duration of the event. More than 400 silent conference headsets were provided

Using local resources and remote show callers to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible, Immersive AV collaborated with geographically regional staging and lighting partners. Where this was not logistically possible, the company shared transport with other suppliers. The company also deployed multi-use equipment, rechargeable microphones and silent headphones, and low-energy LED screens. Digital signage was used around the venue to reduce paper-based materials. 

Duncan Reid, CEO & Co-Founder at Reset Connect London, said: “As it was the first year for Reset Connect London it was incredibly important to get the appearance and feel of the show right, look and sound fabulous and engage our visitors, exhibitors and conference attendees. 

“As the flagship event of London Climate Action Week, it was vital that Reset Connect made a sensational first impression. Immersive AV helped us do just that, and to deliver the show aligning with our ethos of sustainability and low carbon solutions meant they went above and well beyond our expectations.”

Scott Holman, Commercial Director, said: “Solution providers have the technology and the products available to produce shows and events such as these in the kindest way possible to the environment. We need to promote the awareness of it and how it can be successfully used while still delivering the high quality our clients expect from an AV technology provider.”

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