Concepts & Storytelling | Immersive AV

At Immersive AV we offer full 360-degree support even before we arrive onsite. As part of our pre-production process we set up the solution in our Demo Lab to assist in proof of concept, we don’t leave anything to chance. This also gives us and yourselves a chance to see and interact with the solution before we get to site, allowing for modifications to be made in good time. Then when we arrive onsite with the solution, everyone is on the same page having already experienced it.

Using our in-house content developers, Immersive AV we are able to produce pre visualisations of your event from artwork for a conductive ink wall to a visual of exactly how your conference is going to look. When creating bespoke touchscreen applications, we can create storyboards to show how the user will be interacting with the app and also tailor their journey so they land on exactly what you want them to.