Creative & Technical Production | Immersive AV

Immersive AV has the latest technology available at their fingertips to produce a solution for your event. From small scale interactive activations to large scale conferences, Immersive AV can provide full 360-degree technical support throughout the entire process. From creating and assisting in pre visualisation to sharing data capture post event, we can cater for a wide range of requirements.

Here at Immersive AV we stock the latest in Video, Audio, Lighting and interactive equipment to provide a bespoke solution for each event. From interactive elements via Christies Pandora’s Box to Disguise media servers powering large scale LED walls or multiple blended projectors, Immersive AV have it all in house. We can be that one point of contact for your event to provide all elements required.

We are on top of the latest technology and are always looking to push the boundaries of what can be done with current and new technologies that are always evolving.