Experiential Live & Digital | Immersive AV

Immersive AV can collaborate with you on your Experiential marketing to engage consumers pre, post and during your event to maximise the user experience. Immersive AV uses the latest technology to engage users in interactive experiences to grab their imagination and make sure they have a memorable experience. From conductive ink walls to bespoke touchscreen applications, Immersive AV can allow users to get hands on and actually participate during an event. We can produce the content element for you or incorporate existing assets into our systems. Using generative content we are able to create real time content which is unique for each user meaning that everyone gets a personalised experience.

Using our in-house content developers, Immersive can create engaging and bespoke AR, VR and XR applications on a variety of platforms for any sector or industry. We also stock high quality webcasting and streaming equipment allowing us to share live conferences/presentations across multiple locations globally in real time.