With many people still working from home, Exhibition & Conference spaces closed, we have created a Hybrid Event Studio in our Telford and Oxford warehouse called Studio X.

We believe that companies and delegates want more engaging and professional event experiences, as opposed to just a Zoom call with a presenter in their living room. It’s for this reason that we have partnered with our sister company itr.co.uk and have created our own hybrid events spaces.  Designed to help increase the production values across online events and ultimately get your or your client’s message to market.

Features include

  • Live Streaming
  • Pre-recording
  • Customisable set
  • Audience interaction
  • 2-Way audience communication
  • Video, PPT and Keynote playback
  • Multiple Camera set up
  • Online Webinar management system
  • Green room, Refreshment area and onsite parking
  • Presenter coaching
  • Breakout studio spaces
  • Relay monitors

Real Live Audience Response

Realtime interaction with your online audience and speakers makes simulates the feeling and experience.


Reach a Wider Audience

Companies are not always capable of sending employees to events, but by going virtual, you will see that you have a higher attendance rate. Virtual events make it much easier to scale, you can host more people for a fraction of the cost which means you can now expand your reach and promote your brand to a wider audience.


Common Questions

Does it need to be Live?

In brief No! We can offer both Live and pre-record options.

Is it Safe?

StudioX is fully Covid-19 friendly and has been created with social distancing at the heart of its design. We have separate entrances and exits for clients and our technical team.
We have separate meeting rooms, toilets and kitchens that are sanitised before and after each booking

What’s in the studio?


Studio X:

  • 16m Wide 2.6mm LED Screen
  • 20x Lighting fixtures
  • 3x Camera channels
  • 2x Graphics machines
  • Unlimited remote speakers
  • Live streaming and Pre-record facilities
  • Live vision mix and two way preview

Studio XR:

  • Disguise GX2 running XR Workflow
  • 5m Wide LED stage including LED Floor
  • 2 Tracked cameras
  • TV-Ready lighting

An what’s best, both studios are available for either dry hire or with a full technical production team.

How much does it cost?




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