We are now all used to working from home and holding meetings via screens. Virtual meetings on Zoom, Skype, Webex and Teams have become part of the ‘new normal’. However, with these platforms comes a certain level of production, a level that isn’t on par with what you or your audience has come to expect from a traditional live event or conference. There may be problems with people sharing PowerPoint slides, or shots of desktops as presenters change from webcams to slideshows, all in all, not as polished and professional as you or your audience would like.

We can help you bring some of the same production values from your live events to your virtual events.

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Immersive Studios

For speakers that need to be on a big stage, we’ve built two broadcast-quality studios with a 16m wide LED fully customisable set, three fixed cameras and an interface for remote presenters and presentations to be captured virtually, mixed and streamed online or for pre-recording.

Our studios are available for hire with or without operators and have additional features at your disposal including a speaker green room, refreshment facilities and on-site parking at both our Telford and Oxford locations.

What’s in the studio?

Studio X

  • 16m wide 2.6mm LED screen
  • 20x lighting fixtures
  • 3x camera channels
  • 2x graphics machines
  • Unlimited remote speakers
  • Live stream and pre-record facilities
  • Live vision mix and two-way preview

Studio XR

  • Disguise GX2 running XR Workflow
  • 5m wide LED stage including LED floor
  • 2 tracked cameras
  • TV-ready lighting

What’s more, both studios are available either for dry hire or with a full technical production team.


What can you use the studio for?

Virtual Meetings – Virtual Exhibitions – Virtual Event Studio – Online Conference – Online Webinar – Greenscreen and XR Studio

PowerPoint/ Keynote Control

Just as we would for a conventional live event, we manage the playout of all of your presenters’ PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. We check through the slides beforehand and always have a back-up copy running on a separate machine, just in case.

Video Playback

No need for your presenters to load videos and change settings, just say the word and we can switch to video and switch back when you’re ready. As with your presentations, we will have a simultaneous main and back-up videos playing for a quick switch should anything unexpected happen during your presentation.

Multiple Layouts

We’re not restricted by your video conferencing solution presets we handle connections to the presenters separately to the conferencing software. This enables us to layout the presenters on screen in any configuration you want, we can combine them with branded overlays, video clips or feeds from your social media platforms.


Using your attendee’s secondary devices; mobiles, tablets, etc we can offer a range of interactivity options. From simple polls with results displayed onscreen to a multi-round quiz with leaderboard display facilities.

Presenter Experience

As we are handling the connection to your presenters separately to your video conferencing solution, we are able to test the microphone and video settings before they are needed onscreen. Our technical team will provide full remote support to ensure a smooth and seamless setup. A return feed to your presenters can be provided, fully customised to their own individual requirements

Question and Answer

Although we are handling communication to your presenters separately to your video conferencing software this doesn’t mean your views can’t reach out and engage. We have a number of ways to facilitate interactivity, depending on how much control you want to give to your audience! We can also provide moderation for any text-based questions that may be submitted and can forward onto your presenters in real-time.


Our service is capable of outputting to the majority of the popular streaming platforms to enable you to engage with a wider audience and tap into any proprietary streaming system you may already have in use.


We are able to record the main feed and each individual presenter and video. This enables Immersive AV to produce a custom video mix for you which you may make use of as a sales tool, on your website or across your company’s social media channels.

StudioX Controls

Common Questions

Does it need to be live?

We offer live and pre-record options.

Is it safe?

StudioX is Covid-19 safe and has been created with social distancing at the heart of its design. We have separate entrances and exits for clients and our technical team. We have separate meeting rooms, toilets and kitchens that are sanitised before and after each booking.

Where are the studios?

We have two studios, one in Telford and another in Oxford.

For further information please contact us